Aleksandar Sušić

A free time Designer, passionate IT specialist who also works as a Sys Admin and Software Developer

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    Aleksandar Sušić
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    05. Devember 1987.
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    +387 66 153 200
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    Solunskih junaka 24, 75446 Milići
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About Me

Dedicated and Responsible

Passionate IT specialist who works as a Sys Admin and Software Developer

Hi! My name is Aleksandar Sušić. I'm very passionate and dedicated to my work. With 10 years experience as a professional Sys Admin and Software Developer, I have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to make your project a success.

In a free time i love to design. I am participated in a various design contest and worked on a dosen big projects. I have a lot experience as a freelance designer. You can check some of my works in portfolio section. Also you can check my blog and find some useful staff and tutorials.


Combination of Skill & Experience



  • System Administrator & Software Developer

    Company a.d Bauxite Milici - Full-time
    2016 - running

    The company has around 600-800 workers distributed throughout the Republic of Srpska, it has a large network of computers and computer equipment in several locations. Use a modern systems and technologies to maintain this. My job is to improve users experience and secure easy work for them...

  • IT Technician

    a.d. "Komunalno" Milici
    2012 - 2016

    System and Network Administrator and responsible for all IT.

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Personal Skills

Time Management90%


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  • Sys Admin

  • Network


Works that I did for clients


There you can find Projects i've worked on

  • Network Monitoring

    Implementation, development, and testing new network monitoring system in our company...

    Implementation, development, and testing new network monitoring system in our company. Will be used for basic alerts, troubleshooting, and error prevention.

    Entire system working on linux platform and using SNMP to collect information about hosts and devices acros the network.

    The system is organize to track some important groups of devices and collect informations, informing us on-time about malicious event or errors on the network. Also system provide us a statistics about network flow and throughput with graphs and logs. With this Monitoring System we can watch even health of our devices and check hardware status like CPU or Memory.

  • Email Server on Linux

    Create and configure email server on Linux with Postfix, SpamAssassin,...

    Building a Linux mailserver from scratch was a very painful process. That process requires a lot of tweaking and installations. On this project i was work with my colleague. First we need to install and configure linux server. Then install Postfix, Devecot, MySQL, Apache, PHP, ... and configure it.

    After all that things we need to install security components like SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Amavis. Then need something to work with mailing lists, we choose ISPConfig 3 and Mailman.

    In some point we need to install BIND DNS Server (bind9) to provide easy work and manage DNS. Work with ISPConfig 3 is a very easy, when we configure that, all other things was being easier. It's a very friendly graphics environment. After we add some users we install RoundCube (Web Access) and Thunderbird to test it.

    At the end we did it! But process was being a painful and on the edge of quitting.

  • WebSite Design

    Working on a webdesign project for a Real Estate company was a real challange for me. It’s the work that...

    Working on a webdesign project for a Real Estate company was a real challange for me. It’s being a work with a nice group of people, my part was being to make design of every part of website. We started with HomePage and after some corrections and tweaks we finally get a look of it. After a few days a website get a look and for a better cooperation and correlation with my teammates i decided to use Zeplin and connect all my design with that platform.

    That platform really improved our work and after a month we finish all frontend pages and start working on backend.

    That's a was a hard part of a project, We tried to satisfy all customer wishes and that process takes a lot of time from us.


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    +387 66 153 200
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    Solunskih junaka 24, 75446 Milici, RS, BIH
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