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This is my favorite logo design for the 2013 year.

Logo is for "GetIt Nordic".Unfortunately he did not win (99designs) because the contest holder withdrew contest. But I consider myself as a moral winner: D , i think. Anyway this is one of my favorites.

Next logo is a winer logo. You can see this logo on my slider at the top of the website. This is logo for "The Ultimate Graphic Covers". I thin this is the fastest contest ever on 99designs, 300 people in 2 days. This is some kind of 3D logo. Manipulation with gradient and colors. This is also my firs logo worked on Adobe Illustrator CS6 and on this logo i for the first time use gradient on the outline. This is my second favourite logo.

Top 3D Logo

In this sections i will try to put some of my 3D logos. This kind of logos is beautiful but not too useful. We can use this only on web prints and for web uses. But however designers work with that kind of logos. Below we can see some logos made from me.

3D Logo

On this pictures you will see a logo templates that can be sold

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